You can find information about the license being used for the copy of a CLC Workbench you are running by going to the menu item in the Workbench:

Help | License Manager

The License Order ID for the license you are working with will appear under the License Information tab after you select the row representing your Workbench license.



For a detailed description of all licenses available to you, you may click on the button labelled Export License Information in the License Information tab.

In that file, you will see information associated with the license you are using, and if you are using a static license, you will see enough of your license order ID for it to be identified uniquely among the full order IDs given via your myCLC account or in emails you have received from us in the past.

If you wish to find out what licenses you hold, you can do this yourself by logging into myCLC.

If you do not already have access to myCLC, please email to request access.